Brutal Winter Exit & Cold Start to Spring 2019

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Extreme cold and floods events leading into spring 2019 have left parts of our globe unable to plant this years crops, how did we go from all time record cold to all time record floods, here is what the corporate media overlooked along thee way into spring of 2019.

(796) Winds Across our Earth Have Shifted
(799) Why Are Temperatures So Cold Right Now?
(800) The World We Live In
(801) March Article 13 Vote Limits Web Sharing of Weather Related News & Images
(803) Waterways Are Exploding in Size — USA Floods
(805) How Much Food Prices Will Rise After Midwest USA Floods
(806) Flooded Corn Must Be Destroyed Not Sold: Midwest Floods
(807) Historic April Blizzards Following the Grand Solar Minimum Timeline to 2022
(808) French Vineyards Freeze & Solar Cycle 24 Tapers Off
(809) China Swine Flu Update & Pork Skyrockets in Trade Volume
(812) Global Temperatures When Notre Dame Was Built
(813) West Australia Coldest April Day Ever Recorded How About the Wheat Harvest



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