Buffalo Shooter’s Family Says Lockdown Responsible for Mental Breakdown

by Chris Black

Many such cases.

People are correct in saying that everyone must be held personally responsible for their behavior.

However, it is also just a fact that things are done to people that change their behavior. 

That doesn’t take away responsibility from the individual, but it does say: “the individual wouldn’t have behaved this way if it were not for external forces on him.”

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I believe that the FBI definitely had something to do with this shooting. The manifesto – if it is even real – mentions that the shooter was in Discord servers that he found on /pol/. Everyone knows that all of those Discord servers linked on /pol/ are fed honeypots trying to convince people to do mass shootings.

Most people on /pol/ are smart enough to stay away from such things, but this guy was not that smart. Also, whatever the details, I can very much believe that he was driven over the edge by coronavirus hysteria – which would have made him more susceptible to being manipulated by the fed cops into doing something like this.

It looks like he had a normal family – including married parents, which is not something I expected.

What we really need is an investigation into FBI agents going into chat rooms and telling people to commit terrorism. Everyone on the right-wing internet knows this is real, and yet no government body will investigate it.


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