Buffet Makes $120B on Apple

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  • The 5% Apple stake Berkshire Hathaway acquired in 2018 for $36 billion is now worth $160 billion as the tech giant hit the $3 trillion milestone.
  • Warren Buffett’s conglomerate has also enjoyed regular dividends from Apple, averaging about $775 million annually.
  • Berkshire’s Apple stake now makes up more than 40% of its equity portfolio.
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Warren Buffett’s out-of-character bet on Apple may end up being one of his winningest investments, making more than $120 billion on paper as the tech giant shattered yet another record to top a $3 trillion market valuation this week.

Berkshire Hathaway began buying Apple stock in 2016 and by mid-2018, the conglomerate accumulated 5% ownership of the iPhone maker, a stake that cost $36 billion. Flash forward to 2022 and the Apple investment is now worth $160 billion as the massive rally extended into the new year.

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