BUH-BYE! Trump Just Put 3 Million Entitled Employees On Notice! HE’S DRAINING THE SWAMP!

Freedom Daily reports, President Donald Trump is proposing to make some much-needed changes to the federal civilian workforce with his 2019 budget. To those employees not measuring up or pulling their weight, this could spell doom for them.
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2 thoughts on “BUH-BYE! Trump Just Put 3 Million Entitled Employees On Notice! HE’S DRAINING THE SWAMP!”

  1. Excellent!!!
    Perhaps he can begin with the ART (Air Reserve Technician) Program, purging all of the Freemasons who have promoted themselves in this particularly incompetent system, and order psychological testing to weed out the self-centered sociopaths and psychopaths who are in ‘management’ positions!!!!
    Can’t speak for the other Reserve Technician programs DOD-wide, but the AirRT Program should be abolished under Title 5 and 10, and re-established as a Title 32 claused program with the UCMJ exempted from the same!
    This allows for entry into base housing, entitlements would be the same as active duty, plus the technicians would be able to remain in one location throughout their career.
    Very handy if one has a humanitarian requirement of remaining in place to care for a relative / family member.
    Make it so, Number One!


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