Build back better means ‘destroy everything not green’: Bernardi

After decades of “false and damaging” predictions about climate change, the left “still haven’t given up,” according to Sky News host Cory Bernardi.

“Sometimes the lefties get so cock-a-hoop at the progress they’re making, they forget to keep their craziest ideas under wraps,” he said.

“We’ve seen the organisation of the elites, the World Economic Forum, openly champion the great reset and their build back better mantra. Build back better actually means destroy everything that’s not green.

“We’ve seen so-called conservative politicians embrace the net-zero emissions by 2050 pledge, of course knowing they would never be around to see it.”

Mr Bernardi said those who “want more control over your life” have been “emboldened” by how casually people have accepted “the destruction of their liberty” over the past 15 months.

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“They know they can push the fear button again and again in order to attain their goals,” he said.

“They are prepared to make you pay any price to help them achieve their ambition.

“Make no mistake, the tipping point is coming, if they succeed there will be no retreat and no surrender, they will brook no dissent, and those that don’t comply will simply be cancelled.”

Mr Bernardi spoke with Sky News host James Morrow about the issue.

“When we look at the way the world has behaved, particularly the western world over the last 15-16 months, you have got to say that there is a hugely totalitarian edge in the air,” Mr Morrow said.



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