Burisma Corruption Began When Russian Annexation of Ukraine Prevented by Obama-Biden State Dept/Soros NGO Coup w/Calif Military Reservist Snipers

by AC

Burisma Holdings’ Money Laundering Corruption Was Made Possible When Russian Annexation of Ukraine Was Prevented.

This was Accomplished by Toppling the Ukrainian Government and Re-Assigning the Ukrainian Presidency to a Highly Corrupt Ukrainian Oligarch

This was Made Possible by an Obama US Administration COUP Carried Out by US Asst Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and US Ambassador to Uktaine Geoffrey Pyatt

The COUP was Cemented by the Glue Provided by Obama-Designated Point-Man-to-Ukraine and US Vice President Joe Biden.

The Glue Which Cemented the COUP Consisted of 77 Plus Deaths and 1,100 Injuries of Ukrainian Citizens That Primarily Occurred in Maiden Square Located in Downtown Kiev

Some Deaths and Injuries Were Caused by Masked Torch-Carrying Soros NGO Rent-a-Thugs Wielding Baseball Bats

Most Deaths and Injuries were caused by California State Military Reservist Snipers Ultimately Commanded by Speaker of the US House of Representatives Bancy Pelosi’s Nephew Who is California State Governor Gavin Newsom.

The leaked phone call from US Asst Secretary of State Victoria Nuland to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyett is linked below.

In the call, Nuland is Telling Pyett of her choice for the next President of Ukraine – choosing among 3 men – and she is doing so EVEN THOUGH THR OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENCY FOR UKRAINE IS NOT VACANT.


Some more detail –

CA Gov Commands CA-Ukraine State National Guard Partnership
1999 • Sacramento, California, USA and Kyiv, Ukraine
Supports goals of US Ambassador to Ukraine and Commander, U.S. European Command. Presently under the command of Nancy Pelosi’s nephew/Calif Governor Gavin Newsom and Cabinet, i.e. Adjutant General of CA National Guard; partnerships are made w/state/local governments and private sector.

Schiff Fundraiser at Home of Ukranian Arms Dealer Igor Pasternak
18 Jul 2013 • 14 8th street SE Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Schiff congressional campaign fundraiser entitled A Taste of Ukraine Reception jeld at home of Ukranian Arms Dealer Oligarch Igor Pasternak; 1,000-2,500 dollars per plate

Injuries and Deaths of Protestors on/mear Maiden Square in Kiev
bef 07 Feb 2014 • Maiden Square, Kiev, Ukraine
Estimates of as many as 1,800 injuries and 108 deaths of Ukrainian protestors on Maiden Square in Kiev have been reported

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US State Dept Nuland Preselects New Unelected Ukraine President
07 Feb 2014 • US State Department, Washington, District of Columbia
Leaked phone call of Asst Sec of State Victoria Nuland choosing between 3 men to make 1 President of Ukraine. She was speaking to US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyett, This conversation occurred even though the Office of President was NOT VACANT.

Soros NGO/US State Dept Ousts Elected Ukraine Pres Yanukovych
21 Feb 2014 • Kiev, Ukraine
Ukraine Pres Viktor Yanukovych flees with family for safety from gunshots hitting his car as he drove out of Kiev on official business; Coup; Soros NGOs, VIctoria Nuland US State Dept, Pelosi nephew/CA Gov Newsom’s CA Military Reserve Service CMRS snipers as reported by Paul Preston, Head of The New California Movement – as reported to the public by alt-right media

Schiff Speach – Contribution of Parliaments to NATO Enlargement
28 Mar 2014 • American Embassy, Vilnius, Lithuania
Speaker at “Contribution of Parliaments to NATO Enlargement ” Conference held in city where great=grandfather Yaakov Zalman Schiff was born Reason for Conference; Baltic allies are alarmed by Russia’s recent actions #UNITED FOR UKRAIN

Schiff – Parliament Delegate, Organ Security Cooper-Europe OSCE
27 Jun-03 Jul 2014 • Baku, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova,
As a sitting US Congressman Schiff served as 1 of 8 members of the bipartisan bicameral US Congressional delegation representing the US in the 57-nation OSCE Parliamentary Assembly.

Schiff Declined Run for Retiring US Senator Barbara Boxer’s Seat
12 May 2015 • California, USA
In mid-2015, Schiff felt he would be more needed in the House than in the Senate. How did he know – Trump did not formally announce his Presidential bid until 4 and a half weeks later on 06/16/15.


Here’s a link to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense podcast website in which he presents the evidence that he gathered on his recent trips to Ukraine.

Link to Rudy Giuliani’s Common Sense Podcast Website


I.M.F. Prepares $18 Billion in Loans for Ukraine

LONDON — After three weeks of urgent negotiations with the interim government of Ukraine and in an atmosphere of great power competition, the International Monetary Fund announced on Thursday an agreement to provide up to $18 billion in loans over two years to prevent the country’s default.

The agreement, announced in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, will hinge on the country taking steps to let the value of its currency float downward, to cut corruption and red tape, and, crucially, to reduce huge state subsidies for the consumption of natural gas.

The energy subsidies alone represent roughly 8 percent of Ukraine’s gross domestic product, and Russia has said that it intends to raise on April 1 the price of natural gas to Ukraine, which is largely dependent on Russian supplies and which already owes the Russian energy company Gazprom well over $1 billion.

The deal, which is subject to the approval of the fund’s board next month, is intended to get the new government over a big hurdle of coming debt obligations when its hard-currency accounts have been sharply diminished by months of unrest that led to the overthrow of former President Viktor F. Yanukovych.





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