BUST: Majority not better off financially… 63% say country headed in WRONG direction…

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Majority say they are not better off financially under Trump: poll

A majority of respondents in a new poll said they are not in better shape financially since President Trump assumed office.

The Financial Times-Peterson poll released Monday found that almost two-thirds of Americans said their finances haven’t gotten better since Trump has taken office.

Thirty-one percent of respondents in the new poll said their finances have gotten worse since Trump won the White House, while 33 percent said their finances haven’t gotten better or worse in the same time frame.

Just over one-third, 35 percent, of respondents did say they have seen a positive change in their finances since Trump took office.

Of those who said their financial situation has worsened since Trump took office, 36 percent said their wages are to blame, while 19 percent blamed their personal or family debts.

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