Pelosi will go down as the first female House speaker to lose her majority — twice.

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It is worth noting that previously there have been three (3) votes by the full House on impeaching President Trump. Each failed miserably, losing lopsided and bipartisan votes.

Never mind again.

Now comes Mrs. Pelosi forcing a vote by the full House on a formal impeachment inquiry. It passed by brute majority, 232-196.

While technically a “win” for Democrats, Thursday’s vote falls disastrously short of Mrs. Pelosi’s insistence for the past two years that any impeachment effort be bipartisan. The only thing that was “bipartisan” out of the House vote was the “nays” to halt this impeachment nonsense, which included every House Republican along with two Democrats.

Again, never mind.

That is why Thursday’s vote on impeachment says everything about Mrs. Pelosi’s speakership and nothing about Mr. Trump’s presidency.

This is Nancy Pelosi’s Waterloo, and she knows it.

Pelosi Bonaparte has desperately tried to throttle down the impeachment freight train that the crazies in her party have been frothing about since Election Day 2016.

Not because she likes Mr. Trump or wants him to be president, but because she is a smart enough politician to know that impeachment will fail to remove the president and could very well cost Democrats control of the House — not to mention assure Mr. Trump’s reelection.

In that case, Pelosi Bonaparte still goes down in history as the nation’s first female House speaker, but she also goes down as the first female House speaker to lose her majority — twice.


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