Buyer’s remorse: More Biden voters regretting their choice

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Two significant polls now reveal that a considerable number of voters regret voting for President Biden back on Election Day 2020.

A new Zogby Poll finds that a fifth of likely U.S. voters who voted for Mr. Biden are now sorry that they chose him to lead the country.

..“what’s interesting is our poll was taken before the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.” … the poll of 2,173 registered U.S. voters who chose Mr. Biden was conducted Aug. 5-13.

“The Biden administration, and Joe Biden’s presidency, was supposed to be the return of the ‘adults’ in charge, yet it has turned into one mismanaged crisis after another. From the ‘mission accomplished’ victory speech in July over COVID-19, to the botched Afghanistan withdrawal that continues to result in death and destruction, Biden has not offered voters much in the way of confidence,”


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