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Description: Do you know that there is the great increase of services that offer paid help in writing your essay? The article will reveal how much college students are willing to pay for their academic papers and some other fasts.
H1: How Much Do College Students Actually Spend on Buying Academic Papers?
With numerous technological advancements, efficiency and convenience have come. This simply means that more people can offer whichever services they wish. However, in the education sector, there is one that has led to numerous debates over its credibility. A five-minute search of services which offer writing services for students will reveal thousands of sites where a student can easily request a paper. Services like EssayZoo are increasing in number and helping thousands of students with their homework and writing assignments.
Currently, students do not understand or even come to comprehend the essence of hard-work or commitment. This is because after parting with a few or hundreds of dollars, you can have your paper written by an accomplished writer. However, questions over the legality of this business have been increasing by the day, but the people behind these services have never been short of answers. The problem as most debates reveal is quite deep and could be the result of an education system taking the path of profit-making corporations. But still one is left to wonder, does it make sense to take your time and invest in a four-year course if you do not plan to get tested?
How do custom writing services work?
It takes a few steps and less than five minutes to place an order in almost all of the essay writing service websites. The most surprising thing is you will only be required to provide your topic, indicate when the paper is due, and finally, pay. With a few steps, you will have ordered your essay. Additionally, you will even be given a few notifications guaranteeing you of the high-quality of service that will be given to you. Before the deadline, you will indeed have your paper and be given a few free revisions.
These services are indeed intriguing, and students find them alluring especially when one is juggling education and a few other commitments. The truth is, currently, the number of students who are using these services is increasing and at a high rate. As an essay writer, you are guaranteed to make between $40,000 to $100,000 a year depending on how many clients you get in a year. The above is mainly because of the almost 20,000 students who pay to have their essays written. Mind you the 20,000 students is in Britain alone. But who is to blame for all this? Is it the students or the writing service companies? This question is still unanswered, and while this debate drags, more academic papers are written every single day.
The other surprising bit about this entire story is the fact that there are too many risks, especially for the students. One of the risks involved here is the academic penalty a student may suffer if it is discovered they never wrote the article. Lecturers are known to take drastic actions against students who plagiarize their work, and some students who use the writing services have been penalized for having their work done. However, the academic penalties are common knowledge to students, but this does not deter students from still frequenting and seeking the writing services. The other risk or issue often exhibited in these companies is one that involves the many crooked and often hideous writing service companies. These only exist to dupe students into trusting them with their essays and assignments, and after you have made your payment, no one cares to reply to your calls or emails. Students have been duped into paying hundreds of dollars only to be told their paper cannot be written and that they cannot get their money back.
However, despite the reasons provided above, students still seek the services of writing companies. One of the reasons why students seek the writing services is because some students have other commitments aside or alongside education. For example, some students are married and have jobs. Each of these responsibilities needs their time and attention and since writing your essay is “not important,” many choose to delegate this duty to the writing service companies. Additionally, some students have invested a lot of money into their education and would rather ask someone else writer their term papers instead of doing it themselves and failing. The above reason is mostly tied to the fact that education has also been commodified with students required to part with a lot of money to cover their tuition fees. The other reason why students frequent writing service companies is that some are questioning the education system and the requirement of writing term papers and essays every semester. The truth is the whole college experience has been watered down, and some students could be questioning the essence of education. Therefore, instead of writing their essays, students prefer to forward it to ‘experts’ who have perfected the art of writing essays.
The other issue entails prices which are typically horrendously high. The price one is required to pay is always dependent on factors such as the subject (technology, literature, accounting, etc.), the deadline, the number of pages needed, and the complexity of the essay. Once these have been established one is then asked to pay the amount due and the essay will be uploaded classically before the deadline.
How much do students pay?
Depending on your paper, you could be required to pay less than a hundred dollars or pounds or more than a thousand dollars or pounds. For example, some writing services will ask you to pay £67,50 if you need a PhD dissertation written. For other ‘simple’ and less demanding essays, you could be required to pay £18 per page, $20 per page. However, if you need your essay done in less than say a day or a few hours, you will be required to pay more than $100 or £100 a page to have your essay written.
When you visit such a site and place an order for a 3-page paper or 825 words to be completed in three hours, you are charged $161.97 meaning that for a single page you will be charged $53.99. However, for the same paper but with a different deadline say five days, you will be charged $74.97 which is equivalent to $24.99. A look at another service company will also reveal the same trend. The price you pay increases as the deadline decreases.
Official institutions have been up in arms trying to deal with this issue, but unfortunately, this issue is deeper and far too common now to be easily dealt with. The British government, for example, through the Universities minister Jo Johnson has been involved in the fight against the essay mills as they are being called now. In New Zealand, for example, the essay mills had their assets frozen, and fines were also levied on those who were believed to be helping students write their essays. Currently, the UK has not yet come up with a solution to this problem, but since the matter is already in the public domain, it looks like it will not take long before a solution is found.
In conclusion, whether it is the students or the education sector or even the writing service companies on the wrong is not the issue here. The main issue is how did it get to this and what led us here. The question we need to ask ourselves here then is not who is to blame for all this but, what can we do to help restore the value of education while also helping students regain their faith in the education system and college experience?

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