BUZZKILL: The mayor of Somerville says he’s never again drinking Sam Adams beer after company founder met with President Donald Trump.

“I like beer” used to be one of the few things a vast majority of Americans could agree on without it getting political. But as Ed likes to say, you might not be interested in the Gleichschaltung, but the Gleichschaltung is interested in you.

via masslive:

Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone says he plans to never again touch Sam Adams beer after Jim Koch, the founder of Boston Beer Co., met with President Donald Trump.

Koch was among 13 executives who had dinner with Trump last week at the president’s New Jersey golf resort, according to the Boston Business Journal.

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At the dinner, Koch praised the recent federal tax code rewrite, saying he’d had to deal with foreign brewing companies paying a lower tax rate, and “now we have a level playing field, and we’re going to kick their ass.”

That prompted Curtatone, a Democrat and frequent Trump critic, to fire off a series of posts on Twitter, including a statement saying, “I will never drink Sam [Adams] beer again.”

Tagging the company’s Twitter handle in another post, Curtatone added: “Hey Jim Koch! While you were thanking Trump for your tax break, did you happen to express any concern for the families separated under his cruel and inhumane immigration enforcement policy?”


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