BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY: How Big Tech plans to stop Trump from being re-elected.

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Fact: Donald Trump could lose his bid for re-election in just three months, with unthinkable consequences for America.

How, one might well ask, is this even possible, when the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, is disintegrating mentally right before the world’s eyes?

Everybody knows it – everybody – which is why Biden’s handlers and strategists insist on keeping him “in his basement,” blaming the coronavirus pandemic. Their strategy is to get their lifeless but harmless-looking Trojan horse across the election finish line, at which time the real powers – an army of far-left radicals, including Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and even Beto O’Rourke, all of whom Biden has publicly anointed recently – will assume power and utterly destroy the greatest nation on earth, having ousted the one person standing in their way – Donald J. Trump.

Consider the following:

A survey released Wednesday, July 29 by Rasmussen – pretty much the most reliable pollster out there – shows President Trump getting 42% of likely voters to Biden’s 48%. That leaves 10% of voters not committed to either candidate.

So, who or what is going to influence the crucial “undecideds” between now and Election Day, inducing them ultimately to vote for Trump or Biden?

Enter Big Tech, particularly Google – the world’s proven experts at turning “undecideds” toward the progressive candidate or cause.


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