MORE LIKE THE POLICY RESPONSE TO THE PANDEMIC, REALLY: The pandemic may cause 40 million Americans to lose their homes.

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  • Even as unemployment levels remain at historic highs and cases of the virus show no sign of abating,  statewide eviction moratoriums in more than 30 states have lifted and the protections for renters in the CARES Act have also run out.
  • The coronavirus pandemic may cause as many as 40 million Americans to lose their homes, four times the amount seen during the Great Recession.
  • CNBC spoke with two families facing eviction.


On Monday, July 27, two days after the eviction moratorium in Maryland expired, Timothy Young, his wife, Tammy, and their two children, Hermione, 8, and Negan, 2, scrambled to move out of their duplex. They’d received their notice to vacate.

Young estimates that he’s applied to more than 400 jobs over the last few months, and nothing has panned out. He was months behind on his rent.

Hermione was scared they’d lose their new kitten without a home. And Tammy wanted to find a way to hold onto the kids’ favorite toys, like Hermione’s doll house and Negan’s giant T-Rex. Young asked a neighbor to watch their son, daughter and kitten for the day, while he and Tammy, and their dog, tried to find a shelter that would take them in.

Eventually, they found one that would let Tammy and their two children spend the night. Young, the kitten and dog spent the night in a storage lot.


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