BYE BYE BIDEN! Joe Biden says he will make Roe v. Wade ‘the law of the land’ if Supreme Court overturns the landmark ruling


The woman asked Biden to address the “troubling” movement to defund the police and how he would go about ensuring her husband’s safety. Biden dodged the question of safety, but pointed out that cops had supported him in the past.

“I have had overwhelming support from police my whole career up until this year,” he said.

The town hall came just days after the first presidential debate in which Biden failed to name a single law enforcement group that backed him.

After a summer marked by left-wing protests and riots fomented by the “defund the police movement,” Biden has struggled to balance his touted image as a champion of law enforcement with his position as the Democratic nominee. He has lost support from former police groups that were allies of the Obama administration.

I’m going out on a limb and say that responses such as this were a factor: Biden: Police should send “a psychologist or psychiatrist” on 911 calls (op-ed).



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