BYND short borrow rate beginning to climb again

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by MikeThePutz


From S3: BYND short interest is $920 mm; 5.42 mm shares shorted; 46.23% of float; 82.10% borrow fee & beginning to rise again with new stock borrows going at over 90% fee. Shorts are down another $54 million in mark-to-market losses, YTD loss is now $620 million.

I have no clue if we’ve seen the top of the mountain or if it is yet to happen. But even Jim Cramer is saying that this is TLRY-esque (this morning on CNBC). So that theory is becoming pretty maintstream.

As far as I can tell, TLRY popped with only a 20% short interest. Is there someone out there who followed the daily short interest and borrow rates of TLRY back in September 2018 that can enlighten us as to what the run-up in rates looked like?



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