BYRON YORK: How Republicans Crashed Nancy Pelosi’s Party.

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via washingtonexaminer:

Not long before Election Day, the Associated Press ran a story headlined “House already won? Pelosi thinks so, and reaches for more.” The article said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was so confident about keeping control of the House that she was preparing for an expanded Democratic majority. “Pelosi notes experts have suggested Democrats will pick up between five and 15 House seats,” the outlet reported. The speaker said her “goal originally was to hold the House,” but with the prospects of a big victory, “everything we get after that will just be a further enhancement.”

A week later, Pelosi and fellow Democratic leaders were stunned when the party not only did not pick up 15, or even five, seats but actually lost at least nine seats — the count is still going on in a few final races — and came dangerously close to losing the House altogether. The predictions that President Trump was a drag on Republicans and that the Left’s agenda was experiencing new popularity turned out to be wrong.

Elderly women keep promising the Democrats sweeping victories and then failing to deliver.



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