CA Dem Donated $50,000 To Stanford U Before Son Accepted

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  • FEC records show that Lieu made two donations of $25,000 to his alma-mater 
  • One of Lieu’s sons is about to start college at Stanford, due to graduate in 2025
  • The FEC states that campaign committees can give gifts to charity but the donation ‘cannot be used for purposes that personally benefit the candidate’
  • Lieu’s donations have drawn references to the infamous Varsity Blues scandal, although there’s no suggestion he broke the law
  • A Twitter account that exposed the payments has since been suspended by the social media giant  
  • That saw parents – some of them famous – bribe admissions staff to ensure their children bagged places at top US colleges 
  • Stanford was one of the colleges at the center of the scam with its former sailing coach admitting to taking bribes 
  • A former FEC chairman said it’s likely that Lieu’s donation to Stanford were legal, bit said they may raise ethical questions
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California Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu is under scrutiny for two $25,000 payments he made to Stanford University years before his son was accepted to the school.

Federal Election Commission (FEC) records show that Lieu made donations totaling $51,046 to his alma-mater between February 2016 and June 2018. This includes two donations of the substantial sum of $25,000, one in September 2017 and one in June 2018.

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According to his Instagram bio, one of Lieu’s sons is about to start college as a freshman at Stanford, due to graduate in 2025.

The fact that Lieu suddenly gave so generously to the school in the years before his son was accepted has a student has raised questions about the motivation for his donations.



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