Calif. Farmer tries to Register his Rifle gets Arrested

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In April, 2018, the California Department of Justice raided the farm of prominent Kern County Farmer, Jeffrey Scott Kirschenmann, Ammoland reported. The reason they raided his home was because he sent pictures of a rifle to register it with the Cali Department of Justice.

The DoJ claimed it was an illegally modified ‘assualt weapon’. They confiscated his ammo, a dozen guns, two possible silencers, and some kind of trigger activator. That’s why they arrested him and filed the charges.

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Obviously, he was trying to comply with the law and since the laws are quickly changing and becoming more and more Draconian at lightening speed, he might not have known he was doing anything wrong.

Big Brother charged him with a dozen felonies.

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Whether the items were as described is questionable since California law is very complex, Ammoland points out.

The residents don’t have a Second Amendment in that state. The state can call anything that looks scary, an ‘assault weapon’ and there are plenty of fake silencers.

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