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California reports highest one-day rise in coronavirus cases

California reported 2,318 new coronavirus cases Monday, marking the highest one-day jump the state has seen.

On Tuesday, the California Department of Public Health reported a total of 30,978 confirmed cases and 1,208 deaths. The number of confirmed cases in the state spiked by 7.4 percent and the death toll increased by 5 percent in the last 24 hours.

“As you’ve seen, the [ICU] number has been bouncing around,” California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) said during his daily press briefing Tuesday. “One percent to 2 percent — we’ve declined a few days here and there. It’s certainly stabilizing. But yesterday we saw an increase of 3.8%.”

N.J. Reports Record New Deaths, Expects Hospital Shift South

(Bloomberg) — New Jersey reported an additional 379 deaths from the new coronavirus, a record one-day increase.

Fatalities now total 4,753 in New Jersey, which has the second highest infection rate after New York. New Jersey reported 3,643 additional cases, for a total of 92,387. It has weeks to go before it begins to reopen in parts, Governor Phil Murphy said Tuesday at a press briefing.

“I will not rush this,” he said.

The state is opening a new field medical center in Atlantic City as hospitalizations migrate to the central and southern regions of New Jersey from the more densely populated north. The state also expects an increase in infections once the state begins reopening, the governor said.

“We must be prepared for new cases,” Murphy said of the 250-bed Atlantic City field hospital, the state’s third, which he toured earlier Tuesday.

Of 7,594 people hospitalized, 1,930 were in intensive- or critical-care units, and 1,501 were on ventilators, Murphy said. Seventy-two patients were in three Federal Emergency Management Agency field hospitals, with capacity for 750 people. In all, 630 people were discharged from hospitals over the past 24 hours.

Mayor Lightfoot Says Stay-At-Home Order Could Go Into June; Gov. Pritzker Has Not Given Specifics About Reopening



CHICAGO (CBS) — Tuesday marked one month since the stay-at-home order to fight the novel coronavirus went into effect in Illinois.

Now, there are indications from both Gov. JB Pritzker and Mayor Lori Lightfoot that the order might be extended.

As CBS 2 Political Investigator Dana Kozlov reported, this comes after state officials have been saying the curve is flattening. But there are two key factors, it seems, when it comes to opening the state and city back up.

One factor continues to be the number of cases. We have hovered around a 5 percent increase over the past week, which state leaders say is a good sign.

But we still have not reached the peak. And that, the governor said is the key to what happens next and when.

And with that, Pritzker said people should not expect a mass opening of businesses on May 1, which would be the day the current stay-at-home order is supposed to be lifted.


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