California flipped red? Expert: More than 1.7M Biden votes in California are suspect

The consolation prize for President Trump in the Golden State was that he won 5.5 million votes in 2020, a million plus more than four years ago. But did Joe Biden really top 11 million ballots as officially reported? One experienced programmer and information security expert thinks the answer is likely not. In fact, the Democratic candidate may not have even topped 10 million.

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Article originally posted on Press California.

Doing a deep dive analysis of the election live-feed used by the New York Times, the researcher, with two decades of experience looking for data anomalies, estimated that at least 1.7 million votes for Joe Biden were statistically suspicious and likely the result of electronic fraud, he told in an exclusive interview.

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Suspicious votes could top 5M

California’s new motor voter law goes into effect in 2017. Automatically registers everyone with a license to vote. No real safeguards to prevent illegals with drivers licenses from being able to vote. The communists want them to vote! Unbelievable!


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