California Governor Gavin Newsom Shares His Closing Message: You will Die of COVID if I’m Recalled

by Sundance 

The latest round of national media pandemic messaging is targeted and intentional.  The objective is fear… and the scale of the narrative pushed by the national media toward that effort is large.  Conversely, the same media objective is to Alinsky those who would be a visible push-back against COVID fear, and that is why Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is being targeted.

In the background of this effort is the California recall of Gavin Newsom.  The governor and national allied media are working together to weaponize the fear of COVID as a closing message against the recall effort.  Newsom’s latest commercials [SEE HERE] spotlight his advocacy for forced vaccinations and forced masking policy.

The direct message is, ‘if I am recalled you will all die from COVID, but if you keep me in office I will protect you’.  The message reeks of desperation.

We can expect the nationally promoted panic around COVID to increase exponentially over the next 10 days, and then lessen significantly immediately following the September 14th recall vote.   It is critical for the effort of Governor Newsom that national fear over COVID is maintained.

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(Via Politico) […] “What’s at stake in the September 14 recall? It’s a matter of life and death,” states a new ad against the recall, slamming top GOP candidate Larry Elder for having a “radically different” approach to vaccines than Newsom and for pushing “deadly conspiracy theories” about the virus. Newsom’s team was quick to circulate a CNN interview this week in which Elder suggested children did not need to be vaccinated and downplayed their risk of infection.

The election season messaging might seem counterintuitive given it was anger over pandemic lockdowns that helped make the recall possible. But Democrats far outnumber Republicans in California, which means Newsom need only turn out his base to survive.

Sean Gailmard, a political science professor at the University of California, Berkeley and close observer of the recall, noted a shift in Newsom’s messaging since May when he was riding rollercoasters, giving away checks to the vaccinated like a game-show host and celebrating California’s comeback following a whirlwind winter of curfews and stay-at-home orders.

The mood now is more solemn and, luckily for Newsom, the focus is not on a California-specific problem. (read more)


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