California: Here Be Monsters.

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● Sacramento County Says It’s Illegal to Work on Your Own Car in Your Own Garage.

Jalopnik, July 3rd.

● “In a bizarre stunt Friday, an elf-costumed real estate developer threw money at residents of a homeless camp in California in an effort to entice them to leave.”

—Fox News, yesterday.

● How California’s Housing Crisis Could Hit Seniors Hard.

—The New York Times, Tuesday.

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The latter two links are “the housing price of liberalism” in action, as Thomas Sowell would say.

(Via Small Dead Animals; classical reference in headline.)


IT’S COME TO THIS: Wealthy opponents of new San Francisco shelter claim homeless are bad for environment.

The wealthy San Francisco residents who launched a crowdfunding campaign to block construction of a new homeless shelter in their waterfront neighborhood are employing a new tactic: arguing that homeless people are bad for the environment.

In a lawsuit filed against the city of San Francisco and the California State Lands Commission, the residents called for the project to undergo an environmental review before breaking ground.

“This project will have a significant effect on the environment due to these unusual circumstances, including by attracting additional homeless persons, open drug and alcohol use, crime, daily emergency calls, public urination and defecation, and other nuisances,” the lawsuit states.

Under those standards, obviously it’s time to ban San Francisco itself as having a significantly negative impact on the environment.


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