California Is Scroomed

by Chris
What happens when the public officials get a hold of the public purse and begin to grant themselves pay raises?
The usual of course.  It’s just gone so terribly far off the rails for CA that it’s impossible to see anything other than a crack-up at some not-too-distant point.
For example, visiting the Transparent California website, we find this representative example of public salaries from Oakland.

(Source – fun to troll around in)
By the time your police and firemen and ordinary city administrators are each pulling down between a third and a half million dollars in total pay each year, well….fugeddaboutit.
CA, you are toast.
Just these ten individuals are earning some $4.5 million.  How many property tax bills is that?  If we assume an average property tax bill of $10,000 then that means 450 households are required to support these ten people.
I’ve heard that Cleopatra had 50 servants.
Well, the average Oakland public official at the top of the pay scale has 45 households.
Royalty indeed.

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