California mocked over $11 billion high-speed rail bridge to nowhere that took 9 years to build

California is taking of heat for celebrating the completion of an high-speed rail bridge that clearly goes nowhere — part of an $100 billion boondoggle project.

Critics — including Tesla founder Elon Musk and Dogecoin creator Billy Markus — are ripping the California High Speed Rail Authority after it boasted about the completion of a “Fresno River Viaduct,” a mere sliver of the state’s long-delayed, bullet-train project attempting to link San Francisco to Los Angeles

“This is the most remarkable human achievement ever,” joked Markus, the creator of the jokey cryptocurrency, on X Friday.

“1600 feet of high speed rail after 9 years and 11 billion dollars it takes about 5 minutes to walk 1600 feet so a high speed rail for that is a really big deal,” added Markus, who also goes by “Shibetoshi Nakamoto.”

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“California is so competent.”

California High Speed Rail Authority later clarified that the project took three years to finish, and that it was actually completed in 2018.


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