California Proposes Gas Stimulus Checks

by Martin Armstrong

Free handouts will not combat inflation. The politicians (or their advisors) know this fact but continue to issue free money in exchange for votes. Governor Newsom is proposing spending $11.5 billion to provide Californians with a $400 gas stimulus check. Those with more than one registered vehicle could receive two checks. This is part of Newsom’s $18.1 billion package to “combat inflation” and encourage people to vote for him to receive free money.

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Other Democrats are proposing $200 gas stimulus checks for each resident, regardless of whether they even own a car or have a license. Newsom’s plan would also provide free public transportation for three months, which will cost taxpayers $750 million. There was bipartisan support to suspend the state’s gas tax, but that would be too logical.

California has the highest gas prices and gas taxes in the nation. Lawmakers have decided to raise the gas tax by 5.6% to reel in $8.8 billion. Removing the tax would be less costly for the state than distributing stimulus checks, but it is less likely to garner voters for Newsom, who is making endless promises leading up to the midterm elections.


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