California, You Blew It Again…. ROGER SIMON: Abandon Ship! Time for Conservatives to Leave California

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Abandon Ship! Time for Conservatives to Leave California.

Do not pass GO! Do not collect $200. Just get out and be grateful. You really are getting out of jail free.

California and Californians are beyond repair. If they couldn’t vote Newsom out after all that has happened and after the obvious condition of the state almost everywhere you go, except perhaps the French Laundry, it will never happen. Stop kidding yourself.

And you’ll be surprised there are a lot of good places to eat outside the state at less than a fifth of the freight of that over-priced Napa Valley redoubt.

If you have a house to sell, you can have one twice that size outside California.

I’m not gloating here, just because I got out myself over three years ago. Actually, it makes me sad. I may never see Yosemite, Big Sur, or a single Joshua tree again. But so what? C’est la vie. There are wonders all over the world.

And starting over in a new location has a lot to recommend it. It makes you younger and expands the mind, like learning to use a computer mouse with the opposite hand.

Larry Elder, a fantastic man with a great talent and a wonderful sense of humor, is also more than welcome to come, if he should be, most justifiably in his case, fed up with California.

But to my fellow conservatives and libertarians, if you do come, please remember why you left. Some are concerned here in Tennessee, and I assume in other red states, that you might, I’m sure inadvertently, bring some of your blue state values with you.

How’s that Welcome Wagon program coming along?

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RECALL & INITIATIVE BALLOTS WERE A PROGRESSIVE ERA REFORM:  But now that California is a One Party Empire, you can expect Democrats to curtail the system.

California, You Blew It Again.

Not only did California Gov. Gavin Newsom survive the recall election, the vote margin was tilted so far in his favor by Wednesday morning that he’s likely to see the results as a mandate to issue another round of harsh pandemic rules. What is certain is that he will consider it a signal to press the Blue State agenda that’s made California a miserable experience for so many.

And here we go! LA County to Require Proof of Vaccine for Customers and Employees of Bars, Nightclubs, Sporting Events.

GOODER AND HARDER: LA County to Require Proof of Vaccine for Customers and Employees of Bars, Nightclubs, Sporting Events. “With Gavin Newsom having escaped recall, statists in California are emboldened and wasting no time moving forward with their total control, anti-science agenda. The first ghoul to gleefully issue new health orders is, unsurprisingly, Los Angeles County’s Not-a-Doctor Barbara Ferrer.”

After Newsom victory, California Democrats seek to make recalls more difficult

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