California’s government has put in place so many laws and regulations that development is near impossible.

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by MiyegomboBayartsogt


If you want to open a sandwich shop, you have to plan on the cost hiring a law firm and litigating for 18 months before you even begin to build your business. Housing is similarly restricted and confined and blocked in similar ways.

There’s a story of a developer who cleared the land for a massive housing development in California. He had put in the roads and sewers and and they were getting ready to build 10,000 new homes when a tractor operator discovered an endangered dime-sized native flower that was growing there. The developer took a shovel to the plant.

The state sent him to prison for that. Stopped the development, etc.

Meanwhile, the government officials who caused the problem use the problem they caused as an excuse to take more taxpayer money. Solving the problem would mean the money would dry up, so these people have no interest in solving anything.


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