California’s Income Inequality Now Worse Than Mexico’s, Poverty Level Highest In America.

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This is an embarrassment! All that welfare and nothing to show for it .

“But but we are the 5th largest economy “

“But but tech companies !”

Were California a Country It’d be the 17th Most Unequal Nation on Earth, Ahead of Mexico & Guatemala

Californians love sermonizing on the plight of America’s poor and disenfranchised—if only penny-pinching republicans would shell out for a bigger welfare state then all our problems would be solved. Why not build more homes for the homeless, or invest in better education for our kids? The state can solve the problem of poverty, they argue.

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And to be fair, they’ve put their money where their mouth is: over the last few decades California has built one of America’s most lavish welfare states. There’s just one problem: it’s not working

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Californians love their cheap labor slaves and Pedro that will mow their lawn for 5 bucks all the while pretending to be for the poor while at the same time, supporting high housing prices so they can cash out and make bank later.

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