CALIFORNICATION: 5 Unsettling California Tax Rules.

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via forbes:

Just Dealing With Californians Can Mean Taxes. This one is a shocker, even by California standards. California is sending tax bills to plenty of nonresidents who just do business with Californians. Consider gig economy workers who work remote, and many other people out there. Take the case of Blair S. Bindley, OTA Case No. 18032402 (May 30, 2019). He lived and worked in Arizona, writing screenplays that he sent to studios in California and elsewhere. Since some of his customers were located in California, the state said his business — which was just him — had to pay taxes in the Golden State.

I remember back in the day they tried to institute a tax on former residents. The idea was, “you still benefit from once having lived here, so we get a cut of your earnings.”

SCOTUS shot them down.



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