RUSH: So TIME magazine names little 16-year-old Greta Thunberg as their Person of the Year. Now, I, frankly, think it’s pathetic.

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RUSH: So TIME magazine names little 16-year-old Greta Thunberg as their Person of the Year. Now, I, frankly, think it’s pathetic. I think it’s quite indicative that the left and the Democrats on this issue of climate change have bombed out on everything they’ve tried, and they now have to tug at people’s heartstrings by naming a kid, a 16-year-old child as the Person of the Year? An obviously propagandized and indoctrinated child.

Let’s face it, folks. The average 16-year-old just hasn’t lived long enough to know enough about anything to be considered the pinnacle of expertise around the world. “But, Rush, but, Rush, it’s not about the pinnacle of expertise. It’s about somebody who shakes the world.”

There’s only one Person of the Year, and it’s Donald Trump. The media has covered nothing but Donald Trump. The media has done nothing but try to destroy Donald Trump. Donald Trump has survived everything thrown at him. Donald Trump has created record economic circumstances. There’s only one Person of the Year, but ain’t no way it’s gonna be Trump, 16-year-old Greta Thunberg.

So Trump tweets — actually, Trump was reacting to a congratulatory tweet from the actress Roma Downey. Now, I don’t have the actual Roma Downey tweet here. I don’t click on Twitter links. I’m telling you, I have such a rising resentment for this outfit and what’s happening to the whole concept of news and information because of Twitter, I just don’t click on it. And I know I’m an outlier, but I’m not gonna change.

If you ever see me start tweeting, folks, it’s time to call the men in the little white coats that drive the little yellow bus. Twitter has become the epitome of not just laziness, but reliance on the absolute opposite of expertise. Twitter is a bunch of hearsay and uninformed opinion that now has taken the place of informed public opinion. That’s how the media uses it.

I’m reading some sports story on Antonio Brown the other day, and the story contains, as evidence for one side of the story, what some anonymous person on Twitter thinks. It would be no different than picking a name out of the old phone book and calling ’em up, “What do you think about what Antonio –” and writing the response up as though it’s a justified source. (interruption) No, I think Antonio Brown — in fact, Antonio Brown is the object lesson, may be the very first athlete who has destroyed his career on Twitter because it’s exactly how he did it. He destroyed his career on Twitter.

At any rate, you know, sometimes I just can’t avoid injecting my personal reaction. Roma Downey tweets. I didn’t click on the link to the tweet ’cause I didn’t want to see everything involved with it, so I don’t know what she said. But Trump publishes his tweets without you having to click on the Twitter link. So here’s Trump’s reaction to Roma Downey’s tweet congratulating Greta Thunberg for being TIME’s Person of the Year.

“So ridiculous. Greta must work on her Anger Management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, Chill!”

Hey, he’s treating her as an adult. Everybody’s saying, “How mean.” And she had some snarky response too. And people, “How mean. How mean. This Trump, this Trump, he’s just a bully.” Wait a minute. She’s just been named Person of the Year in a political magazine. I’m sorry. She’s not a 16-year-old kid. She’s a political leader anointed by the media.

And so Trump is treating her as an adult, exactly like the entire media establishment Democrat cabal is treating her. She’s such an adult, she is the world’s foremost authority on climate change now. All over the world Greta Thunberg is treated as if she is a wise, educated, accomplished world leader. She’s not treated by leftists as a child. She’s treated as a peer. She’s said to be above all of us. Why, she’s TIME magazine’s Person of the Year. That made her infallible.

Trump says this is ridiculous. This kid being person the year? This is crazy. And he’s making note of the fact that she’s running around at 16 angry all the time. You know she got stranded in the U.S. after she came over to the United Nations meeting? She found some clod to bring her over here on sailboat, took some months crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a sailboat so that trip will be carbon neutral, don’t you know.

Then they had a problem. Uh-oh. How does she get back home? And then how did that sailboat get back? How’d the pilot of the sailboat get back home? So she had to get on some other boat to Swahili and then she went to South Africa. I don’t know, went all over the world to get back to Sweden without making a carbon footprint.

The point is Trump is acknowledging, every time she speaks, she’s mad as hell. Angry. And he thinks, “Hey, you’re 16. Take some time. Go to a movie. Chill out.”



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