CALIFORNICATION: Colorado Gov’s ‘Green Little Deal’ is as troubling as the real deal.

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via coloradopolitics:

Polis and his cohorts in the legislature passed an extreme version of the red flag gun law, approved Proposition CC for the 2019 ballot, and eroded parents’ rights and local school districts’ authority with a troubling sex-ed bill. They also signed Colorado onto the NPV Compact, a way to circumvent Colorado’s voice in the electoral college that has prompted a citizen ballot initiative to repeal it. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg.

The most pernicious project Polis has undertaken so far is his Green Little Deal on the Platte (GLD). Rooted in the same command-and-control mentality of its national, Green New Deal counterpart, the GLD involves several troubling actions.

First, the legislature passed SB19-181, which Polis signed into law in April. Spearheaded by fellow Boulder liberals, Speaker K.C. Becker and Sen. Stephen Fenberg, the law poses tremendous risks to Colorado’s oil and gas industry. The sector contributes roughly $30 billion a year to the state’s economy, tens of thousands of jobs and $1.2 billion annually in revenue to state and local governments.

The industry is critical, and local communities rely heavily on its benefits. During marathon testimony before the Senate Transportation and Energy Committee on March 5 — only four calendar days after SB 181 was introduced — a public school teacher from Grand Junction aptly noted that oil and gas — not marijuana — is funding their schools. “What’s your Plan B?” the teacher asked.

They’ll kill the golden goose, not out of any expectation of extra gold, but just because they can.


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