CAMBODIA: Leech Swims Up Penis, Drinks A Pint Of Blood Before Extraction

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Leech swims up man’s penis, drinks pint of blood before docs pull it out

Doctors in Cambodia recently removed a leech that, in wince-worthy fashion, had entered an elderly man’s penis while he was swimming and drank a full pint of blood.

The unnamed patient first knew something was awry after experiencing severe pain while trying to use the bathroom, reports Viral Press. He wound up at a hospital in Phnom Penh, where a tiny camera was inserted into his penis, which revealed the culprit to be a leech.

The poor soul told doctors that he went swimming in a river earlier that day, leading them to deduce that the privacy-violating parasite had swum up his urethra and into his bladder. Indeed, the hospital warned locals in a statement that “the waters are rich with leeches and other insects during the rainy season.”


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