Cambridge Analytica whistleblower’s 4hr testimony before MPs

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Still not sure what to make of this story overall, but there’s a lot of lurid claims in this testimony, along with details on the overall corporate structure and various institutional practices. Certainly there is a lot of spin as well. Is this a controlled leak/limited hangout? It certainly promotes very specific political narratives, and if it doesn’t result in legislation making these business practices against the law, it only further legitimizes surveillance capitalism. Same pattern as the Snowden leaks.

The timing is coincidental with 5G getting a boost in the recent $1.2 Trillion spending bill to which lawmakers sneakily attached the CLOUD act as a rider. Unless these ‘leaks’ result in a law specifically designed to protect people from ‘always on psychographics’ the situation will simply be used to legitimize this business practice, which sure could leverage the ubiquity of 5G, a digital architecture that is imminent. So while everyone argues over the 2nd amendment, we should really be focused on the 4th.

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