Camera-Hogg and Leftist Corporations Declare War on Laura Ingraham

by Chris Black

The war on conservatives rages on, and now it’s Fox News’ host Laura Ingraham’s turn to get a progressive slap over the head for daring criticizing the new Messiah of the left, a young punk named David Hogg who now pretends to be the spokesperson of a generation. Hogg is left-wing media darling so-called survivor of the Parkland School massacre, yet he wasn’t even in the same building during the shooting, but let that go. The high school kid turned anti 2nd Amendment activist was mildly mocked on Twitter by Laura Ingraham, and in revenge, he called for an advertiser boycott of her Fox News show. Stupidly enough, Ingraham apologized to the punk after a number of advertisers kowtowed to the left’s intellectual terrorism. Here are the tweets that started all this extravaganza:


And here’s the apology after Hogg called for an advertiser boycott:

Nutrish, a dog-food company and then Hulu were the first to drop the ball following the blackmail:


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When will people learn, never apologizes to the racist left! Its an act of surrender and they never accept it. Its lose, lose all the way round. Trump knows it, that’s why he won.


At the behest of the Democrats, Hogg is attempting to dictate policy to adults. If a high school student is elevated to a leadership position by progressive minions, he’s been placed into a position to be treated like an adult. As the de-facto Emir of the Bolshevik left, Hogg MUST be criticized. If he’s old enough to be taken seriously, he’s old enough to be criticized.


The Democrat Party organizes an event and elevates Hogg to superstar status as their spokesperson; and then, declares him too young to be criticized? The left deems this high school student too young and naive to hold a valid opinion and then declares that 16 year old kids should be allowed to vote? With every single day that passes the leftist beast grows a new appendage of dichotomy and hypocrisy.


READ  Leftist media already committed to hiding Joe Biden’s lying just like they hid Barack Obama’s untruths

If he’s too young to be criticized, doesn’t that mean by definition he’s too young to be taken seriously?


Offend a  “progressive” with words, and they will either physically attack you or try to destroy your livelihood, because they are not intelligent enough to debate you. Also, they always strike first, and catch people completely off guard.  Unfortunately, too many of the advertisers have a knee jerk reaction to the left’s intellectual terrorism/blackmail. Don’t worry though, people will rally around Laura and Fox News, and by this time tomorrow, things will look different.


Never apologize to an out of line child who needs to be put in their place. This only emboldens them. Solomon’s advice rings true. “Open Rebuke is better than secret love”, and “foolishness is bound in the heart of a child”. Laura should apologize for apologizing and double down on attacking Hogg’s filthy mouth and historical ignorance.


Hogg is not only being coached, he’s being guided. The same social justice warriors behind the gun-grab movement are the ones behind everything this kid is involved with.


I believe the easiest way to settle this matter, is to have a boxing match between Laura Ingraham and Hogg. This will last about 3 minutes when Laura knocks out the snowflake. Put it on pay-per-view and Laura will not have to worry about advertisers because the pay-per-view will generate millions.

That should easily settle the matter once and for all. The advertiser boycotts are getting old, and I don’t think anyone’s listening anymore. The only ones who have taken a stand against companies have been the conservatives.


Go ahead Laura, whip the snowflake a new butt!