Can Instagram provide you with real income? Ways to earn money with Instagram posts

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Lately, Instagram is one of the most powerful forces in the marketing world. In January 2019, it reached 100 million monthly active users, while the current number of users is 400 million. So, why would you still wonder why companies are dedicating time and money to promote their brand on this channel? However, brands are not the only ones who are using Instagram to make money, individuals can also make serious money with their social media accounts.


Here are the most creative ways to make money through Instagram and get your name in the right places.


Affiliate marketing

When you promote a brand and you get paid for it, it’s called affiliate marketing. All famous Instagramers are promoting their partners, and most of the times they use specific product inspired posts. It’s quite simple to promote a product on Instagram, you take it an attractive picture and you share it on your account.

How can you promote your affiliates?

  • Your posts have a single purpose, to drive more sales for the products you promote. The brand selling them should offer you an affiliate URL to attach to your post.
  • Offer your followers a link to get discounts if they purchase the products you recommend.

Sell your photos

This is one of the most obvious ways to earn money. You can use Instagram for its sole purpose, to display your photos. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional or amateur photographer, you can use your Instagram profile to promote your work to prospective buyers. Make sure that all your photos feature a watermark.

You should build an active presence if you want to reach the right audience. You can grow the number of followers if you buy real Instagram likes. Once you have a loyal public, offers will not be late to come because people will appreciate your work and will want to use your photos.

Create sponsored posts

If you have a great number of followers, you can earn money by creating original content for your sponsors. On Instagram, creating sponsored content implies taking a photo or making a video that is focused on presenting a brand or a product. Once you post the photo or video you will attach it a description including the name of the brand @brand and specific hashtags #hashtags.

You should collaborate only with brands that fit your image and Instagram page theme. You can drive sells only if your followers see that the brand you promote matches your lifestyle.

Sell your Instagram page

If you decide one day that you no longer want to be active on Instagram, and you are ready to move on something else, you should not let your work go to waste. You have the possibility to sell your Instagram account, it’s not a complex process.

It’s advisable to find a buyer who wants to promote the same image you have built and who wants to address the same type of audience you have attracted.




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