Can we all get together and agree that the federal reserve, fiat currency, and fractional reserve banking are the greatest evil afflicting the world today? Both sides of the aisle.

by oofyikeswowzers

Let’s get together and focus on the people spreading division in order to prevent attention being paid them?

I was a member of occupy walstreet, and we were closer than we ever have been to exposing the evils that sit our highest stations. We knew who we were seeking to expose, and we all, left and right, black and white, agreed on it all. Then the movement was infiltrated by some or other agents or whatever you want to call them. Provocateurs? They turned our eyes away from the slimy disgusting creatures in their ivory towers, and fomented racial division, political division, and every other thing they could think of, in order to divide us.

To this day we are still afflicted with their schemes, and as always, our eyes are turned to one another, blaming our brothers and our sisters for the crimes of monsters.

So, let’s get together and talk about it, share articles and vids about it, and try to ignore the shills and glowneighbors who will inevitably come our way. Think of it as a test. Can you resist the temptation to be led astray with emotional arguments and stay the course instead?

For my offering, I give you “Money Masters”

Aaaand All Wars are Bankers’ Wars

End the fed. We can’t do it unless we unite.



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