Can you believe it? The Fed isn’t done with the Repo Crisis!

But when you go on the financial news, everyone has forgotten about it and they’re back to telling you which stocks to buy. So stupid. People don’t realize what’s really happening. 10 years of adrenaline and a breathing and feeding tube into this sick patient and they have the audacity to tell us this is Weekend at Bernie’s?! It’s gone. It’s finished. You can’t put QE on top of QE in order to fix a problem of created by the makers of QE. It’s insanity!

The Repo Madness continues! It has been a wild ride so far but the media has already forgotten about it. Water under the bridge. Nothing to see here folks. Well in reality, the expectation is that it will actually get worse into year-end and the Fed is getting ready. JP Morgan who may have been responsible for actually triggering the Repo crisis, is making major changes to their portfolio, and some analysts are suggesting despite what they’re saying, JP Morgan seems to be preparing for a new Financial Crisis. Interesting indeed.


Repo and Reverse Repo Operations – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Fed is open to changing its plan to calm repo markets if necessary, top staffer says – MarketWatch

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Money Market Developments: Views from the Desk – FEDERAL RESERVE BANK of NEW YORK

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JPMorgan pours $130bn of excess cash into bonds in major shift | Financial Times

Fed Outlines Rationale for T-Bill Buying, But Keeps Options Open

Financial Plumbing Prone To Clogging Amid Bank Liquidity Trap | S&P Global Market Intelligence

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Risky Mortgage Bonds Are Back and Delinquencies Are Piling Up – BNN Bloomberg

bc-risky-mortgage-bonds-are-back-and-delinquencies-are-piling-up.png (620×349)!/fileimage/httpImage/image.png_gen/derivatives/landscape_620/bc-risky-mortgage-bonds-are-back-and-delinquencies-are-piling-up.png

Robinhood Traders Discovered a Glitch That Gave Them ‘Infinite Leverage’ – BNN Bloomberg



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