by Pamela Williams
The video I am addressing in this report is THE TRUTH AND NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Can you take it? I hope you can, as if you are a United States citizen, a Conservative, a Patriot, and someone who wants to preserve the life you have known here in the United States of America; you must realize now we are butting heads with LIBERALS and ISLAM. Our Country is being stolen out from under our feet. You may be asking why I am listing “Liberals” and “Islam” together. They are BOTH political movements joined together to force those of us, who are not one of them, to succumb to their hands of bondage. They want your body and your soul. Are you going to let them have it?
We must realize now President Donald Trump is not our Savior, and he needs a Savior, too. Under Obama our Country became “chattle slavery” to Liberals and Islam. When they joined in force, the power became such that we simply gave in. Afterall, we have always depended on the Government to do its job and protect the citizens of the United States. That is WHY IT EXISTS! The government that was founded by our forefathers NO LONGER EXISTS. It is a changed entity, and I am making the change HERE AND NOW to call it the “Beast.”
The Beast is in the process of giving the hardest blow it can to the President of WE THE PEOPLE, Donald Trump. I was looking over the news this morning, and I realized President Trump is under heavy attack by the Beast. I am sure at this point, he is to some extent tired and just wants to rest, but he is not that kind of man. He is a man who does not quit, and he knows now just what he is up against. WE THE PEOPLE must show our support in every way we can.
You must realize if you are a believer in God, and you have made your choice in this battle to fight on the side of the Lord Almighty…whatever your birth religion is…if in your heart you recognize the God of love and light…a God who would never support a brutal regime, you must cross the fence now. It is that time to make your decision, knowing we are in a battle for life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness here in the United States of America. Do not mistake it, and do not lose sight of who the enemy within and the enemy without is. They have penetrated the gates, and there are more waiting at the gates.
The 9th Circuit has decided that Muslim foreign nationals from countries harboring terrorists are more important that your right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The government of the United States no longer belongs to WE THE PEOPLE – DANGER UP AHEAD.
Please take the time to watch the following video:  I have heard no greater truth than what this woman speaks.

Some very important points that I want to make that I left out is:
1. I am not labelling all Muslims enemies; in fact, we have Muslims here in the United States who are legal citizens and would gladly support my point. I want to thank them and bless them for standing up for freedom.
2. Under Obama and Hillary Clinton’s State Department, if Clinton had won the Presidency, we would now be at war with Bashar al-Sad, the President of Syria. We would be attempting to topple him and take over his Country causing another void for terrorists to fill. But there was some good news this morning: al-sad has announced he would welcome United State troops into Syria. He trusts that the United States is no longer attempting to overthrow and murder him.
3. If we want to change the Liberal’s pattern of toppling world leaders and taking over governments, we are on our way to doing that. We need to clean up the evils that have flourished under Obama and Hillary Clinton. With Trump we can do that. I pray he is protected always.