Canada Freezing Handgun Ownership Proves America’s Gun Confiscation Trajectory

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Colion Noir, Released on 6/1/22

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If you’re pro-gun control, understand we already have 300 federal gun laws and an estimated 20k on the state and local levels. The politicians who push for gun control admit it won’t stop mass shootings or general gun violence, but they have to do something. So logic dictates that if you always have to do something after a tragedy and more gun control is always that something, it’s inevitable that banning guns outright will be the end solution. The gun control proponents definitely want to take the guns, as the trajectory in Canada is showing. Unlike us here in the US, Canada doesn’t have any protection for its gun owners. The guns they can own are regulated exclusively by the federal government. Long story short, here in America, our government has to convince us to give up our rights, and they do this by exploiting tragedies.

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