Jordan: Pelosi Didn’t Want the National Guard at the Capitol Because of the Democrats’ Position on Defunding the Police

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( – Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) said Sunday that the reason why House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) didn’t call in the National Guard on Jan. 6 is because of the Democrats’ position on defunding the police.

Jordan said that last week’s prime time Jan. 6 congressional hearing didn’t explain why the U.S Capitol was so vulnerable and why the front-line cops weren’t aware that violence was going to happen.

“Yeah, Maria, you’re right, we didn’t learn anything about the answer to that question from the hearing the other night, and only one person can really answer that question. That’s the speaker of the House, and guess what?” the congressman told “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“The chairman of this committee, Bennie Thompson, has said she’s off limits. He’s not going to ask her anything. He’s not going to call her. They’re not going to depose her, but she’s one who was offered the National Guard from the White House,” Jordan said.

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“We know that. We had countless people tell us that. President Trump said if you need the National Guard there that day, they’re available. She didn’t take him up on that offer, because according to correspondence, according to testimony that we had received and media reports, I should say, the sergeant at arms says that the speaker’s office didn’t like the optics of that, and you know why they didn’t like the optics?” he said.

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