CANADA GONE FULL POTATO: “climate change is doubtless an emergency in the sense that it presents a genuine threat to Canada”

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Saskatchewan’s highest court ruled 3-2 on Friday federal government’s carbon tax is constitutional, handing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau an early victory as his climate plan faces significant legal opposition only months before a federal election.

Saskatchewan’s Court of Appeal ruled 3-2 on Friday that climate change is a vital national issue, creating an area of shared jurisdiction between the provinces and Ottawa. The dissenting judges concluded the tax should be struck down. The case, along with similar challenges in Ontario, Alberta and other provinces, will almost certainly end up at the Supreme Court of Canada.

The court’s opinion is a political win for Mr. Trudeau, who is facing a number of conservative premiers across Canada who have rallied in opposition to the federal climate plan.

Canadians are under attack.
30 million hard working tax payers are being strong-armed for 7,630,000,000 carbon emitting foreigners.

Canada needs to get real.


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