Canada had biggest Q4 population loss since the 70s

Canadians are packing up and leaving at a fast rate, during a traditionally slow period. Statistics Canada (Stat Can) data shows emigration, the act of leaving permanently, jumped in 2021. The past year showed modest gains, rising to the highest level in half a decade. The fourth quarter is what sticks out though, showing a sudden acceleration. Canada saw the largest Q4 volumes of residents leaving since the 1970s.
Canadian Residents Had The Largest Q4 Outflow Since The 1970s

Canadians left the country at a swift pace in a quarter they usually don’t plan a move. Stat Can estimates 16,901 emigrants in Q4 2021, up 215% from a year before. Annual growth doesn’t mean much, due to the outbreak’s base-effect. Don’t let the distortion allow you to dismiss the whole trend though.

Looking at the longer term, this was a huge fourth quarter. The Q4 2021 emigration was still 55.7% higher than the 5-year median for the quarter prior to 2020. It also happens to be the biggest Q4 for people leaving since 1974.

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Lot of the comments are citing the cold winter or high taxation.
But no mention of the vax pass that went into effect in Nov. People losing work, not being able to leave the country or travel within the country.
These ones who left were probably the smart ones, akin to those who got out of Germany in the early days.
But this totalitarian cyborg system of control is global, so there won’t be anywhere to run to escape what is coming.


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