Canada has Reportedly Sent Special Forces to Ukraine Amid Fears of a Russian Invasion

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by Chris Black

Canada Sends Special Forces To Ukraine Amid Fear Of Invasion – Canada has reportedly sent special forces to Ukraine amid fears of a Russian invasion.

Canada’s reported that sources told them that “the Canadian special operations presence is part of an attempt by NATO allies to deter Russian aggression in Ukraine, and to identify ways to assist the Ukrainian government”.

Global News stated that the special forces unit is tasked with developing evacuation plans for Canadian diplomatic personnel in the event of a ‘full scale invasion’ on Ukraine.

British Sends Troops To Ukraine Amid Fears Of Russian Invasion – The British have reportedly sent troops to Ukraine amid fears that a Russian invasion could be only days away.

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The British defense Secretary is warning of a ‘very, very bloody war’.

Washington Says We’re Ready For Diplomacy With Russia Or Invasion, Either Way – U.S. National 

Security Advisor Jake Sullivan has stated that Washington is ready whether Russia decides to take the path of diplomacy, or to invade Ukraine.

During an interview with CBS, Sullivan said “ready either way. We’re in close touch with our allies and partners, including the Ukrainians”.

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“We’re coordinating closely on next steps. And we’ll have more to share in terms of the next steps into the diplomacy early next week” he stated.

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“But the key point here is that we’re ready either way. If Russia wants to move forward with diplomacy, we are absolutely ready to do that in lockstep with our allies and partners”.

“If Russia wants to go down the path of invasion and escalation, we’re ready for that, too, with a robust response”.


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Russia and Belarus do not exclude situations when, in order to guarantee security, it will be necessary to involve the entire military potential of the Union State

 Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Russia is still waiting for responses from the US and NATO to their proposals for security guarantees

 Sergei Lavrov


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