The FBI just released a Fusion GPS document dump. Included in the dump was a subpoena from Special Council Bob “Not Muh Purview” Mueller. Mueller testified under oath to not know what Fusion GPS is. Mueller committed perjury.

by OFFICIAL_CNN_REDDIT Jim Jordan! We need someone in the House to file a complaint with the DOJ to get an investigation under standard DOJ policy! Boom: “I- I- I- I’m not … Read more

FITTON: BIG Truth: Mueller was an absentee landlord as special counsel. His right hand guy was a paid Clinton world lawyer and Andrew Weissmann, the anti-Trump activist, did the hiring. Judicial Watch has the docs and testimony.

by TFittonJW BREAKING: So I just figured out Aaron Zelbey, who was inserted as "witness" last minute to help Mueller tomorrow, was almost certainly paid by Clintons to represent … Read more