Canada is Sending in the Army as Illegal Migrants Cross Border – Have they Considered a Wall?

by Mark Angelides

As the number of migrants crossing the border illegally into Canada has increased, the well-meaning Canadians have decided to send in the troops to back up the Mounties at the New York-Quebec border. Canada announced that the 100 plus “soldiers will help the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the Canada Border Services Agency at the site.”It is stated that they will be doing construction work on migrant centers…But does anyone actually believe that’s why they’re really there?
With border crossings coming in at an estimated 250 souls per day (with a record 400 on Sunday), this is a real crisis. The military’s plan to build a migrant shelter to hold up to 450 people will achieve something for about a day and a half…Then what?
Canada is a large country, but the population is relatively small (around 36.29 million, about the same as California). It has plenty of space, but only limited infrastructure; there are not fully staffed hospitals and schools sat around waiting for people to come and use. If their migrant crisis persists for one year at the same numbers, they will add 2.5% to the population AND this is just through illegal border crossings! It does not include others who apply for refugee status, Asylum, or even regular migrants applying via the standard route.
Does Canada have enough doctors trained, enough teachers ready, and enough buildings to home everyone? Or will it be complete mess?
As President Trump ramps up his campaign against illegal migrants in the US, more and more people are likely to try and “escape” via the northern border. At some point there will be a backlash from Canadian citizens who see their schools and hospitals become over crowded, their tax money spent on Migrant Projects as opposed to maintenance efforts, and they will ask the US to start getting control of their immigration.
Mexico’s president, Enrique Peña Nieto, has acknowledged that since Trump began his immigration crackdown, the amount of people coming in through Mexico’s southern border has dropped significantly. This is clearly an advantage for Mexico; so will the same “Trump effect” be felt?
Here’s the thing: Immigration is NOT about people. No matter how many “hard luck” stories the MSM run, and now matter how many cute children who are missing their family members, immigration on the modern scale is about numbers…Nothing more. If you do not know how many people will be in your country year on year, there is no way to adequately plan housing, schools, energy resources, taxation, hospitals, trained doctors and nurses for hospitals, trained school teachers or any of the other things that are needed.
Perhaps Canada is starting to realize that some of the problems the US is facing are about to arrive on their doorstep.