Canada: Libtard HR feminist threatens to fire people who dislike COVID restrictions.

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by Chris Black

Why do they always do this “fat ugly person neurotically rants at camera from 2 millimetres away” genre of video? 

And why do they always try to look and sound as disgusting as possible? 

There must be some weird psychological quirk that underpins this behavior. 

Is it just because they’re all mentally ill?

Feminism’s greatest victory wasn’t abortion or birth control, but spawning a middle management caste of rancid neurotic hags to act as ideological enforces while they do useless jobs like “human resources.”

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 You even find these harpies in construction companies and shit. 

What a nightmare.

 Glad I don’t have to work with any.

Let’s call HR what they are: political commissars. They exist to impose a marginal and hated ruling ideology by holding your rations card hostage.

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