Canada Real Estate LEAST AFFORDABLE EVER! 75% of Income Spent Just To Pay Their Home!

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Do you think it’s reasonable to pay this much for a home?

Right now in Canada, real estate is the LEAST affordable it has ever been. Wages have not kept up anywhere close to the rising expenses Canadians have encountered. Americans, Australians, and many other people from around the world are feeling the same burden of unaffordable payments. With rising interest rates, this will further push down on individuals and they will be unable to pay their debt. Who will be there to rescue them?


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2018.09.30rbcreport | Mortgage Loan | Urban

Cost of Owning a Home in Toronto, Vancouver Goes ‘Off the Charts’

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National Price Map – CREA

the fed bailout out canada – Google Search

Bill Payments By Americans: Cash-Strapped Americans Are Leveraging Their Homes To Pay The Bills

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Rent vs. Buy: Suburban Edition – The New York Times

In Minneapolis, leaders grapple with sudden homeless camp

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