Canada requesting proposals for construction of “isolation/quarantine camps

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by TheMadQuixotician

In September an announcement was made regarding an announcement for funding for voluntary isolation camps.

Earlier this month on the floor of the Ontario Legislative Assembly, a question was posed to the assembly regarding a RFP (request for proposal) put out by the government of Ontario in which they solicit proposals for the construction of “isolation/quarantine camps” to be used for “public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response.”

In this video, a question is posed to the Legislative Assembly regarding the number of camps, how many people will be there, and what the camps will be used for, as the scope of the document put out by Ontario was allegedly

The Huffington Post joined the fray to ensure everyone that “isolation” would be in hotel/motel rooms and would strictly be conducted on a voluntary basis.

All of this seems fair enough to calm the masses and could offer a valuable service to travelers who don’t have a place to stay to quarantine, but why mute the microphone on the floor of the Ontario Legislative Assembly and wait 3 weeks to provide an answer that involved mocking the person asking a question regarding a formal request for proposals for the construction of isolation camps?


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