Canada Votes – Live updates and predictions


The Liberals remain in a close national race in public support with the Conservatives but are favored to win the most seats, though probably not another majority government. The New Democrats and Bloc Québécois, after making significant gains in the polls, appear to be hitting a ceiling — but could hold the balance of power in a minority parliament.


(BEGINS @ 7pm EST)

People are asking about ID:

I misplaced my wallet and couldn’t bring my driver’s license or Identity card. So I used my election card, a passport and a birth certificate for ID.

They accepted that no problem.

Here is a link to what is required to be able to receive a ballot in Canada:

Seat projections

LIBERALS (Trudeau)-137


BLOC QUEBECOIS (Yves-François Blanchet)-39

NEW DEMOCRAT PARTY (Jagmeet Singh)-35

GREEN PARTY (Elizabeth May)-1

PEOPLE’S PARTY of CANADA (Maxime Bernier)-1


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