Canada Was a Test-Run for NWO

by Chris Black

With the convoy now being dismantled, I’m assuming Canada will be the model the cabal will use to prevent further large scale dissent across the western world.

By that I mean, they will not only fly in UN troops to restore order by force but also disrupt the banking system, causing a local bank run and things like that.

The average person can’t concentrate on engaging in large scale peaceful protests when they’re too busy worrying about how to buy food and pay their bills.

In a cashless society it will be really easy to seize people’s money and ban them from buying and selling.

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Now you know why they are pushing for a cashless society.

Covid was just the excuse to build and test all the systems and infrastructure of control.

Lockdowns, police checkpoints, social distancing, mask mandates, jab mandates, quarantine camps, testing, contact tracing, martial law, vaccine passports etc.

Given the deeply sinister ambitions of the cabal it stands to reason the tyranny and force will be far greater when they launch the next plandemic.

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